CIRP Citation Style for Mendeley

For previous academic work I have been using EndNote as my reference manager. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to use it at the company where I am doing research for my thesis due to heavy software limitations. So I switched to Mendeley, a great alternative in which you can manage your reference online as well. And using a little trick found in the forums of I was able to run the desktop version of Mendeley on my company provided laptop.

But the next step was to use the correct citation style for my thesis. Unfortunately the one I need, based on the CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, wasn’t yet available. So the only way was to create it myself using the great visual editor Mendeley provides. For those interested, you can download the CIRP Citation style for Mendeley here:

Since the CIRP annals are not very extensive about the citation styles I have made a couple of assumptions on how to display several items based on the general IEEE citation style. However if you think it needs changes please contribute to the style and adjust it accordingly!

For those interested, you can read more about my thesis on the Circular Economy on my blog.

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