After nearly a year of working on a new collaborative portfolio platform it is about time to start announcing it.

With a couple of friends I have been working on DoToKnow. A website on which you can keep track of your projects alone or together, and with that automatically updating your portfolio. This way you can build great portfolios based on any kind of project. Whether you work on it alone (building a bike) or together with colleagues (designing a building). By keeping track of your project you are not only building your portfolio but you can share your knowledge with others and you can gain their knowledge again. Because for sure there are more people around the world working on a similar project facing the same problems and tackling them identically. So why spend all that time reinventing the wheel again while the answers are right out there?

With this platform we hope to open up new resources of information while your able to build a great portfolio or exhibit of your work. Of course we aim for the best privacy standards and allowing you to choose whether to share information or not. But we hope you will since only together we can make the next step!

So if you are interested, feel free to subscribe now. Soon we hope to open up the Beta and allowing you to try out this new great platform!

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